Event Planning made so easy

Plan4event is the best tool to review proposals, compare, customize and reserve spaces, food or other activities for your event.
Book top merchants in a matter of minutes and eliminate the stressful hours and constant interruptions from your day in order to plan your event.


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How it works

Indicate the type of event you want to plan

Indicate the type of Social, Team gathering or Meetup you want to plan

Based on your needs, we specify details for space, food and other services. We will contact best merchants to get their availabilities and proposals

Review and customize proposals

Review and customize proposals

Review detailed quotes with specifics about menus, space and beverages arrangements, activities, and prices. Chat with us to change services and view updated pricing

Compare the various quotes in one page

Compare the various quotes in one page

With the menus, beverages, space arrangements among other details for up to 3 proposals, so you can compare quality of services vs prices

Reserve all the merchants at once

Reserve all the merchants at once

Reserve all the merchants with 10% of the event price. You can view the merchant’s term of services at any time

Receive notifications before day of the event

Receive notifications before day of the event

You will get notifications with merchant reminders and deadlines for changes and payments


Estimates by event not just merchants

Review estimates for space, food and activities from restaurants, venue-caterer or other combinations that fit your needs. So you have an accurate quote for the entire event, not just a slice of it

Search results may include your providers

We understand that sometimes you have some providers in mind for your event. We can request their quotes on your behalf.

Proposals by the best providers

Our merchants are curated based on excellence of service, ratings and flexibility

Create your event according to your needs

You don’t buy a package. Instead you chat directly with us to customize the proposals, and get final prices

Reduce planning errors and enjoy your event

With our comprehensive proposals and processes, you don’t forget planning details, and have transparency about the services you are receiving. Therefore, you can focus on enjoying the event!

Event Types

Social/Team Gatherings



Our founder story

Maria Ragone Brandt, Founder of Plan4event

As the Risk Manager for Checkout at Google, back in 2007, Maria found herself working 12+ hour days managing a growing department, while also spending 10+ hours of her week researching a variety of venues for her upcoming team-building event. With a Masters in Engineering and Management Systems and a background focused on organizing data at companies like PayPal, Maria was determined to use technology to automate the search process for busy team leaders — leaders who would never consider themselves event planners, despite the fact that they were planning a handful of events throughout the year.

- Maria Ragone Brandt, Founder of Plan4event

Plan your events faster and efficiently


Save time by having all information needed to vet, compare, and reserve the best merchants in one-place.

Save energy by completing only one form, and dealing with all the merchants in one place.

Have peace of mind that your event will go smoothly, with our detailed proposal, updates based on your chats, and post-payment notifications.


Worry about quality of merchants & accuracy of services, and waste time organizing information from multiple communications.

Get distracted by calling each merchant independently or filling up multiple forms, just to repeat if prices are higher than your budget.

Get surprised about additional fees or details you forgot to ask, because you are not a full-time event planner.

NO MORE wasting hours of your valuable time searching for the perfect vendor for your event

Get My Quotes


  • Can you include quotes from my vendors?

    Yes, we will contact them and include their proposal, if they accept working with our platform.

  • How does it work?

    You indicate the type of event you want to plan. Our algorithm will provide an estimate of the prices and initial proposal for merchants that fit your criteria. You then can contact the merchant, and customize the proposal via our chat. The merchant will update the prices and services. You can reserve after you are satisfied with proposal, by depositing 10% of the event price.

  • Will I be able to negotiate prices and services?

    Yes, we provide a chat platform, and also functionality so the merchant can update the proposal with new prices and any other changes. You’ll receive notifications of the merchant actions, and will be able to see the changes immediately. We also offer customer support with our AI bot and agents for any questions that you may have.

  • What happens after I pay?

    The merchant is notified about your reservation, and may send you an additional contract with the details discussed in the proposal. We pay the merchant the 10% deposit (minus our fee), and you’ll just have to worry about the extra 90% the day of your event. We notify both you and the merchant of the various deadlines for payments, or to make changes or cancellations.

  • Can I make changes to my event after I pay?

    Yes, most merchants understand that you may have changes in number of guests and/or menu or other services. Before you pay, we list the deadlines for changes and cancellations. We notify you of those deadlines, once you pay. To make changes to your proposal, you can contact us, or the merchant directly. If the total event’s price is changed, then you pay the final amount minus the deposit directly to the merchant on the day of the event.

  • How do I know you’ll select the best merchants for my event?

    We personally talk to each vendor to ensure they are reliable (and not loco). We select merchants that have good reviews, or ratings, and vet them based on customer experience, response time, quality of service, quality of food and flexibility.

  • What happens if I need to cancel the event?

    Most merchants have deadlines for cancellations without fees. If you cancel with enough time, we will return your deposit after 30 days from cancellation. Otherwise, we give the deposit to the merchant.